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Hello there !
I'm Avril (the dude on the right of the photograph) and I'm the author of this blog.
On this page, you'll learn more about who I am and what this blog is about so go ahead and read it or click on the header menu to jump right into my articles.
I hope you like it !

I met those fella in Berlin when the two guys in the middle asked me to participate in their water-war by firing the water-gun on the guy on the left.

I think about this blog as my contribution to the community of those who helped me strive to travel smartly, those who live to uncover the untold stories behind the world’s customs and who demand to have their mind blown. Then again, if you’re just google-ceptionning your way through a spare hour, I won’t judge you either !

I believe life is too long to be spent dwelling in the same old place, and too short to see everything either, so why not help each other out along the way ? I’ll give you as much insight as I can on every place I go, so you can either :

1 – Live by proxy (you voyeur … thanks for existing !)

2- Decide whether or not you wanna go yourself !

If you choose to do the latter, you’ll benefit from good advice and insider tips on the best hidden gems I found ! Plus you get to learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them … except for fun, of course.

Does playing cats and mice with guards in an abandoned amusement park count as a "mistake" ?

In short, if you love little known facts learnt from locals and your thirst for other ways of life is still to be quenched, we are going to get along together just fine !

You might be wondering “How the hell would I learn anything from some 20ish French dude with weird hair ?”… I wouldn’t be surprised ! 

But I don’t think age is the most relevant factor : when it comes to traveling, the most important is to get out of one’s comfort zone, being open-minded and persistent. Of course, I don’t have 40 years of experience yet, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, they say, and I certainly took a couple already. 

Of course, I don’t know everything but I learnt how to travel for less than the cost of daily life back in my hometown, I successfully broke the language barrier multiple times and discovered things some locals didn’t even know about their history, so I’d say I might have a thing or two to bring to my readership.

Concerning the weird hair, though, I plead guilty !

I wasn’t born a traveler, no one is, just like no one is born a hippo-therapist or a chess-master.

I didn’t grew up in a wealthy family either, so I didn’t get to go abroad much before I turned 18, on the contrary : my mom being a paintress and my father a sound engineer.
We were never wealthy, yet they made me rich with their unconditional love and their taste for art and the thrills of life. As a kid, my father would go away touring around the world with various bands for month, so me and my mother would keep a map of all the places he went to (somehow foreshadowing my future passion !).

I was about to finish high school when my father passed away from cancer, and we had to sell the house because we couldn’t pay for it anymore. My life was falling apart but I didn’t let it get to me: I decided I’d use some of the money from the sale for an “homage” journey abroad, to get a grasp at how my father’s life had been, and that’s how I ended up celebrating my 18th birthday ten thousand kilometers away from home.

You could say I was hooked up instantly. So much so that, when I returned a month later, I decided I had not properly “traveled” and that “going on vacations” was not acceptable anymore, so I immediately started planning another trip to the country of the Rising Sun.

To Share My Experiences: I started sharing my “adventures” as soon as I embarked on them, through Facebook and other social medias. It worked okay at first, but the situation was far from ideal because the photos and texts would quickly be buried under large amounts of other posts, making it pointless for most, annoying for some and difficult to follow for the few that were interested enough to try and skim through their friend’s publication in search for my posts.

By creating this blog, I’m trying to allow everyone – as opposed to only the friends I have on Facebook – to give my content a go and see if they can benefit from it.

To Use The Documentation I Produce When I Travel: I probably am a very average photographer and writer, but I love documenting my trips. I keep a handwritten diary every time I go on a long journey, and I’m always looking for an interesting light or angle to “solidify” my recollection of a moment. Because of that, I literally amassed a pile of diaries and Terabytes of footage that would otherwise remain unused : how sad would that be ?

To Empower People To Travel: “Aren’t you scared of being away alone ?”, “How can you travel so much ? You must be rich !”, “I would like to go on a trip, but I’m not skilled enough to organize it!”, etc … Every traveler will have heard those sentences a million time, and it’s normal : traveling basically requires one to go out of his comfort zone, which can be scary, but that’s part of what makes it so life-changing !

In reality, traveling is neither more complicated, dangerous nor expensive than daily life if you learn how to deal with it. Daily life feels simple because you’ve been living it … daily ! The same goes for traveling, the more time you give it, the less overwhelming it becomes.

To Add A Line To My CV: Heheheh ! Let’s be honest, we’ve all been through a point when we were properly educated but lacked working experience. I’ve never built a website myself, but here I am, learning and showcasing my skills in a way I actually enjoy. Also, since I promised myself I would never work for MacDonalds, working online is pretty much the only kind of job I might still get in France ! ^^

To Give Back To The Community: There’s an amazing community of travel bloggers and websites dedicated to every cultures out there : my first trips wouldn’t have been quite the same without them. I applied their advice to my own journey and I feel like I gained valuable insights and developed my own point of view in the matter. Sharing it here is also a way to express my gratitude.

Some of my trips

Since my first solo trip in 2015, I did a fair share of travelling : I went to festivals all around France, I spent a few weeks in Rome, I hiked in Switzerland and drove through Germany’s autobahn from Munich to Prague, I went clubbing in Berlin, chilled in Amsterdam, etc …

At the moment, I’m about to graduate from the University of Birmingham, visiting the UK and learning how to SkyDive …

How’s that for a thrill ?

You might be thinking “that’s not a lot of countries”, especially compared to other bloggers who have literally traveled the world, but keep in mind I’ve only just started and that the list will grow along 😉

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