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i have feedback for avril

Have you been reading the blog ? Been mentioned in it ? You have feedback and ideas on how to make it better or you want me to correct something ?
Just give me a shout, follow me on social medias or maybe even send me a postcard !

i'm a blogger too, wanna collaborate ?

You've got a website of your own or maybe you are an entrepreneur and you've picked up an interest in what I do. You think great things could come out of our collaboration: I'm honestly flattered !
Tell me about it using the form below and I'll dive into it !

I'm a professional willing to work with avril

You represent a company, an institution or other large group of people and activity and you want me to work with you.
Tell me about it using the form below.

just give me a shout !

There’s a few ways we can interact on the website (through comments, for example), so keep those in mind before you consider posting. Otherwise, feel free to send me a message through this form: your message will be delivered directly to my personal mailbox. How’s that for building rapport ? ^^

Follow me on social medias

If you wanna connect more closely, you can add me on social medias and see what I’m doing day to day.

be awesome and join the circle

Lastly, if you want me to send you heads ups when great new content has been created, you can join the Circle, our very own little community ! 

For now, the circle is mostly a newsletter, but once I’m done building the basis of the website, I have plans for it to become much more, eventually leading us to write articles together.

Or send me a postcard !

I know it’s a bit out of fashion, but snail mail has a different feeling right ? We’ve grown accustomed to only getting invoices and deliveries through the mail, but it doesn’t have to be this way ! Send me a postcard from where you live or where you’ve been traveling and I’ll send one back to you, I promise ! 

I can’t give you my personal address as it’s going to change pretty frequently so here’s that of my family: 

Avril is Away

5 rue des Lilas

63320 Tourzel-Ronzières,

Puy-De-Dôme, France

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