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endangered waters

The fate of 70 million people depends on the Mekong river, the integrity of which is under threat because of global warming, pollution, damming, etc …

Let’s dive into a complex matter.

The stakes of tourism

Some see tourism as a drive for growth and development, others see it as a threat to cultural heritage and the integrity of the environment.

How can me make tourism rhyme with sustainability ?

a one-man army

the process

In our globalized world, the challenges, success and failure of everyone across the globe became increasingly interconnected.

We are bound together by our shared environment, cultures, economies and digital networks …

Maybe it’s time for people across the planet to learn from each other’s story.

Who ?

My name is Avril Dutheil, I'm 21 years old and I travel by curiosity and with passion, to take a step back from my own culture and put it in the perspective of other.

This project is my way of sharing the discoveries I make on the way. I invite you to join me as we deconstruct the great topics of the decade together.

Why ?

This project is my contribution to contemporary independent journalism. In an era that some refer to as the "post-truth age", access to reliable, honest information, which conditions our worldviews and our decisions, is of the utmost importance.

Independent journalism



Since I've started working on those stories, I've been gathering press articles, footage and testimonies, which will be available along with the documentaries so that anyone can check that the information provided are genuine, factual information.
The only limit to this principle is that of the protection of the informants. It is my duty to ensure my sources won't face any sort of trouble for speaking out the truth.

If not objectivity, honesty

For a journalist to claim that his work is objective is in my opinion wrong at best, deceptive otherwise.
So whilst I do have my own opinions and beliefs, I commit myself to only share solid, verifiable, true information.

Independent, non-profit redaction

I've engaged myself in the project first-and-foremost because of my conviction that it was work worth being undertaken, not because of a search for profit.
The project is entirely funded by myself, which guarantees my independence from private companies, medias and sovereign states.

an online production



Short videos
to keep in touch

One place, one topic, one minute.

Published from the road, throughout the journey.


the documentaries

We’ll be tackling the complex stories we’re dealing with via the documentaries. 

Each video should be somewhere between 5 and 30 minutes each, and will be published on YouTube. Simultaneously, all the sources and facts used in the videos will be published here


and maybe even...

a short movie to tell the project's very own story ?

After spending six months traveling and working in Asia, I’ll probably have learnt a lot. 

Why not make a movie about this transformative experience ?

news from afar

Hard to keep up-to-date with such a long-lasting project...
Type in your email if you want me to let you know as soon as the documentaries are released !
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